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Castelbel Porto
Located in Northern Portugal this traditional company is dedicated to the manufacturing of outstanding soaps and exquisite home fragrance. Inspired by the warmth of the Portuguese sun, their products have captured the aromas, colours and ambience of the country reflected n the traditional packaging and attention to detail.
CBEL H/C F/P 75ML - C1-0318
CBEL H/C LAV 75ML - C1-0718
CBEL H/C ORG 75ML - C1-0118
CBEL H/C ROSE 75ML - C1-0518
CBEL H/C VERB 75ML - C1-1918
CBEL H/C W/JAS 75ML - C1-1518
CBEL R/S VERB 100ml - C1-1903
CBEL SOAP F/P 150g - C1-0305
CBEL SOAP F/P 350g - C1-0300
CBEL SOAP LAV 150g - C1-0705
CBEL SOAP LAV 350g - C1-0700
CBEL SOAP ORG 150g - C1-0105
CBEL SOAP ORG 350g - C1-0100
CBEL SOAP POM 150g - C1-2105
CBEL SOAP POM 350g - C1-2100
CBEL SOAP ROSE 150g - C1-0505
CBEL SOAP ROSE 350g - C1-0500
CBEL SOAP VERB 150g - C1-1905
CBEL SOAP VERB 350g - C1-1900
CBEL SOAP W/JAS 150g - C1-1505
CBEL SOAP W/JAS 350g - C1-1500

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