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Exotic, fruit fragrances and fun, eye-catching packaging – the Tropical Fruits range is designed to entice the senses and invoke dreams of a far-away tropical paradise.

Available in four luscious scents:
Coconut & Lime, Grapefruit & Orange, Strawberry & Papaya, Mango & Passionfruit

*TF BS/G GRAP/ORG 500ml - TF92319
*TF BS/G MAN/PASS 500ml - TF92318
*TF H/W COC/LIME 500ml - TF92134
*TF H/W STR/PAP 500ml - TF92137
*TF SCRUB MAN/PASS 550g - TF92330
*TF SOAP GRAP/ORG 200g - TF92307
*TF SOAP MAN/PASS 200g - TF92306
*TF SOAP STR/PAP 200g - TF92308

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